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Pimp C’s Last Recorded Song “On Sum Chrome”


Pimp C
Pimp C’s last recorded song which includes Three 6 Mafia ft. UGK On Sum Chrome.

DJ Paul to Vibe Magazine:The only reason he came to L.A. was to record with us [Three 6 Mafia]. We had put out two singles but the label didn’t really get behind the singles. So Pimp actually recorded five songs on our new album and he was like, “Man I’m about to come out there,” and he told us this for two months.

He finally came that Thursday and was like, “Man, I’m ready to work!”

I had went to this Bentley convention, and he told me, “Yeah, I’m going to go!” and I was like, “Man, it’s over now.” So he said, “Let’s go to the studio. I’m going to be here until Sunday or Monday.”

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