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Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince Sues Apple, Viacom and BET


J. Prince - Rap-A-Lot Records
James “J.” Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, has launched a lawsuit against BET, Viacom and Apple for defamation of character over an episode of BET’s show “American Gangster”. In the lawsuit, Prince claims that BET wrongfully used the images of Prince and Rap-A-Lot employee, Thomas Randle, in the promotion and advertising of the “American Gangster” series.

Prince and Randle filed the 13-page lawsuit on October 10 in Texas, which claim that BET’s show “American Gangster” incorrectly labeled them as killers and used their images without permission. The image in question displayed both Prince and Randle pictured with Gangster Disciples boss, Larry Hoover, with a “murderers” stamp across the picture.

According to an attorney for the two, “Neither Mr. Prince nor Mr. Randle has ever been convicted of any felony offenses, let alone murder.” It is alleged that Apple, Viacom and BET have refused to remove or modify the episode which is still available for purchase on iTunes.

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