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Evel Knievel Dies After Coming To Agreement With Kanye West


Evel Knievel and Kanye West
In December of ’06 Evel Knievel sued Kanye West for using the likes of him in his video “Touch The Sky” in which Kanye West wore a belt buckle with KW and clothing resembling him, as well as using a name similar “Evel Kanyevel”. Evil Knievel claimed that Kanye West’s “vulgar and offensive” images depicted in the video would damage his reputation and so he accused him of promoting his filth to the world.

On November 27, the two released a statement through Def Jam Records which stated that their legal problems had been resolved. Knievel reportedly stated that meeting Kanye West changed his mind and that he thought he was a wonderful guy and quite a gentleman. Knievel also knew that Kanye West was grieving the sudden death of his mother and was concerned.

Evel Knievel
“I know he’s had some tough times the past few weeks, and I hope things work out,” Knievel said.

Sadly enough, the legendary motorcycle daredevil and stunt rider Evel Knievel, 69, unfortunately died days after settling his Lawsuit with Kanye West and after meeting with him.

Knievel reportedly died from complications associated with diabetes and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In addition to his complications, his known health problems date back to 1999 with one being a liver transplant due to Hepatitis C infection caused by a blood transfusion.

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