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Promoter of Lil Wayne Concert To Sue School Board After Interfering


Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne reportedly has stirred up conversation again in the press. Wayne supposedly walked out on a rescheduled High School concert in North Carolina on Sunday, October 21, 2007, because the attendance was around 1000 people, when the expected draw was around 3,000.

The first scheduled concert was to take place at Brogdon Hall, but the School Board objected to it after two lock downs occurred in a one-week period reports state, possibly due to gang violence.

According to TMZ, Wayne sat backstage waiting for the crowd to show up, which they never did, now he was not going to receive a couple of thousand dollars.

Reportedly, about 80 police officers offered to raise the money themselves to get Wayne to perform but they couldn’t raise the money until Monday, which wasn’t good enough for Wayne, so he left without appearing.

The promoters (Mitchell Entertainment Group) who now has to deal with refunding thousands of dollars to concertgoers, plans to sue the school due to them getting the concert cancelled before and then rescheduled.

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