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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2007: Bout Time Common, Weezy Sets It Off, Katt Williams Cranks Dat Soulja Boy and more


BET Hip-Hop Awards
Although the BET Awards wasn’t the best, it was overall good.

Katt Williams held it down while hosting the 2nd Annual BET Hip Hop Awards keeping the crowd happy and doing his random jokes. LL Cool J seemed to have licked his lips very few times for the occasion (wow). It seems that Common won awards, could it be because Kayne West produced his album this time? By the way how did T.I. and Common have a tie for an award. (T.I. wasn’t there because he was taken to jail on weapon charges.) MC Lyte kept it real for the women, while Hurricane Chris was all “A Bay Bay” and doing his “Hand Clap”. Weezy “Lil Wayne” I’m just gonna say is that he got some skills and did his thang. But one question, why didn’t anyone take that cup from him he toted on and off stage. He was surely blazed up. Kanye West won several awards and even admitted for one of them that he actually didn’t think he deserved it. Was he struck by lightning?

As for Jena 6, two of the “Jena 6″ young men were award presenters at the 2nd Annual BET Hip Hop Awards (Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones). The two presented the award for Hip Hop Video of the year. Many were wondering why are they first seeing them on the Awards show instead of first being on a syndicated news show telling their story. Probably because a lot of younger people were watching the show and didn’t know anything about it and which would make them look it up to see who they were. They did however thanked the hip hop community for supporting them during the Jena 6 trials and their involvement.

Last but not least Soulja Boy not only closed the show once, but twice with his Crank Dat Soulja Boy song and dance. Katt Williams stated that he didn’t know the dance all that well and want to learn it and so Soulja Boy was back at it. Yule!!

Check out some of the 2nd Annual BET Hip Hop Awards photos here.


Lyricist Of The Year

* Lil Wayne
* Common (Winner)
* Jay-Z
* T I
* Kanye West

Producer Of The Year

* Kanye West
* Swizz Beatz
* Polow Da Don
* Timbaland (Winner)
* Mannie Fresh

Alltel People’s Choice Award

* Birdman & Lil Wayne – “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” (Winner)
* Hurricane Chris – “A Bay Bay”
* DJ Khaled ft Akon, T I, Rick Ross, Fat Joe & Lil Wayne – “We Takin’ Over”
* Mims – “This Is Why I’m Hot”

Best Hip-Hop Collabo

* Birdman & Lil Wayne – “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”
* Diddy ft Keyshia Cole – “Last Night”
* DJ Khaled ft Akon, T I, Rick Ross, Fat Joe & Lil Wayne – “We Takin’ Over”
* Fabolous ft Ne-Yo – “Make Me Better”
* UGK ft Outkast – “International Player’s Anthem” (Winner)

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