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Ex-Fugees Member Pras Hits ‘Skid Row’, Lives The Life Of Homeless Person


Fugees - Pras Michel
The Ghetto Supastar and ex-member of Fugees, Pras Michel has hit “Skid Row”. Well not actually…. he’s in a documentary about the homeless called ‘Skid Row’ which he put together himself.

For nine long days, Pras lived in the streets of Los Angeles as a homeless person with a hidden camera. You’re probably saying to yourself, why couldn’t the world decide how long he could have stayed homeless, when you know he could have reverted back to his lifestyle at anytime. That would have probably been more interested.

Hopefully if you get a chance to watch you it, you will gain of a lot from the documentary since a lot of people tend to sway away from those we see on the streets. Remember that everyone one who is homeless is not homeless due to drugs, there are a number of things that could have contributed to it such as financial reasons, displacement, etc…

The film released through Screen Media in a number of cities including L.A., New York and Washington D.C. on August 24, 2007.

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