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‘I Love New York’ Winner, Tango To Have Reality Show With Mr. Boston?


Tango winner of I Love New York
According to Buddy TV, Patrick “Tango” Hunter, the winner of the first I Love New York reality series on VH1 revealed that he and Mr. Boston are planning to star in their own reality series. Although Tiffany “New York” Pollard considered Mr. Boston the “best kisser in the house,” he was still eventually eliminated.

“Our project is going to focus on our relationship; me being more urban and I guess a lot of people say a cooler type of person and you have the total opposite in him,” Tango told AOL blog writer Marcus Vanderberg in an interview. “It’s not going to focus on the black and white but more on the personality conflicts we have.”

In the same interview, Mr. Boston also lashed out at New York, saying he’s “pissed that she didn’t pick me. She didn’t get to experience the Boston Charm.” His disdain for Tiffany Pollard is a feeling that Tango shares, despite winning the competition.

“She was dissing me harder than the dudes was,” Tango said during the reunion. “I have absolutely no love for New York.”

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