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Method Man To Create Raps For Kids As Part Of Plea Agreement in Marijuana Case


Method Man
Wu-Tang Clan rapper, Method Man, who was arrested on May 17, 2007 in New York for the possession of marijunana, has made a plea deal with the cops.

The rapper was stopped by police in his Lincoln Navigator for having an expired inspection sticker while passing through a toolbooth at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Reportedly when the rapper rolled down his window, a strong smell of marijuana and smoke flowed through and the illegal substance could be seen in plain view on the seat of the car.

The rapper soon admitted to the officers that he had more underneath his seat, which lead to his arrest. Method Man was released on his own recognizance on May 18th, after being arraigned in a Brooklyn Criminal Court.

On August 16, 2007, Method Man made a plea with the Brooklyn prosecutors for the case in which the rapper will join the Brooklyn District Attorney’s “Choices and Consequences Program” as a part of his community service.

The program which teaches kids about the dangers of drugs, will make use of Method Man who now has to create raps for children warning them about the dangers of drug use.

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