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This Is Not A Girlfight: Brooke Valentine Straightens Up Rumor


Brooke Valentine
Brooke Valentine known for the song “Girlfight” with Lil Jon and Big Boi in 2004, is getting ready for a comeback with her album reportedly “Physical Education”. The album was first expected to release in early ’07, but was reportedly delayed due to an unsuccessful single and the merging of Virgin and Capitol Records which led to rumors of her getting dropped. In effort to clear it up, the singer stated:

Okay true I haven’t logged in, due to the fact that I’ve been extra go-go!

Sorry for the delay:) and special thanks to those that have been sending their love! I still read the comments daily:)

However I just had to login and straighten up a false rumor that I was dropped from my label LOL! 1st off the label that I am signed to is SUBLIMINAL ENTERTAINMENT which was distributed by Virgin Records and Virgin was responsible for marketing and promoting my records…

News Flash: I am still signed to Subliminal I’ve been fighting for a release from Virgin for a long time! and it’s no secret that they suck!

The reason my album wasn’t released was because we refused to turn the album in to Virgin Records knowing that they would just drop the ball just like they did Janet’s album and every other album they released:(

Now after all this time God answered my prayers.

wanted to tell yall sooner but, I couldn’t speak on it because of legal mumbo jumbo… it didn’t come cheap but, it was well worth it in the end. It was so sweet that some of you felt sorry for me but, please don’t because I couldn’t be more excited with my new situation and it’s a true blessing to finally be free!

Thanks again for your real love and support!

P.S. …And I’m definitely coming!!!!!

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