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R&B Singer D’Angelo Pleads Guilty In Single-Vehicle Accident


R&B singer D’Angelo
R&B singer D’Angelo (Michael E. Archer) reportedly was fined and received a suspended jail sentence on Friday according to AP. The charges comes from a case dating back to 2005 for a single-vehicle accident in which he was involved in. The singer who was driving, was thrown from a Hummer and suffered bruised ribs and contusions.

On August 10, 2007, the singer plead guilty for driving on a suspended license and for DUI in Powhatan General District Court.

D’Angelo was fined $1,000 with $500 suspended and nine days in jail along with the revoking of his license for 90 days. For his DUI charges, the singer was fined $1,500 with $750 suspended and sentenced to six months in jail and 12 months and a suspended license. His reckless driving charges were reportedly dropped.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Richard Cox said the county’s case was weakened when the star witness in the case, who was riding with Archer, did not show up in court Friday.

The singer allegedly have been having a number of legal problems dating back to the 90′s. In April 2005, he was fined $250 and given a 90-day suspended jail term on a DUI conviction along with a suspended drivers license for one year.

Prior to the accident the singer reportedly was given a three-year suspended sentence from a cocaine charge stemming from a traffic stop.

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