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Designer Claims Toni Braxton Bounced A Check For 35K


Toni Braxton Revealed
The wardrobe designer who made costumes for Toni Braxton’s Las Vegas show, is suing her for an alleged bounced check. Court papers were filed Friday, by Anthony Franco in which he states that he was brought on to design the entire wardrobe for Braxton’s “Toni Revealed” show.

Anthony Franco was to be commissioned by Braxton and Liberty Entertainment, Inc, reports TMZ. An agreement was reportedly made to receive $35,000 for his work. When Franco tried to cash the check it was returned for “insufficient funds” and then later an alleged stop payment was placed on the check. The designer did receive $20,000, but is now looking to receive the remaining balance of $15,000.

Toni Braxton is the first African American performer to have a show enter the top 10 Vegas show’s chart.

Currently, Toni Braxton is doing shows at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas which she has been doing since last August. She replaced Wayne Newton as the heading act at the hotel. She recently just extended her run at the Flamingo Las Vegas hotel-casino through next February.

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