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Busta Rhymes In Trouble Again


Busta Rhymes
Reportedly, Busta Rhymes is in trouble again — for allegedly bustin’ a fan named Roberto LeBron in the head during an August 2006 run-in. The suit was filed in the Manhattan Superior Court on yesterday.

TMZ states:
Roberto LeBron filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Superior Court yesterday, alleging that Rhymes — real name Trevor Smith — and a posse of nine bodyguards roughed him up and kicked him in the head after a concert last summer.

Rhymes’ attorney Scott Leemon tells TMZ he has yet to see the lawsuit, and has “no comment until I see it.”

When asked whether the lawsuit was connected to another pending August 2006 assault suit against Rhymes, Leemon said he had “no additional information.”

Rhymes currently faces four separate trials for charges, including drunk driving, driving with a suspended license and assaulting a former employee. That’s busted!

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