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Eminem and Kim Mathers Having Another Child?


Eminem and Kim Mathers
Reportedly the ex-wife of Eminem, Kim Mathers, may be pregnant with his second child. MediaTakeOut reported that they have been receiving several reports and hearing whispers (rumors) that Eminem and his on-again-off-again wife have reconciled. The two share joint custody of their daughter Hailie Jade Mathers, while reports state that Eminem has full custody of Kim Mathers sister’s daughter, Alaina Marie Scott (Laney).

In 2004, Eminem’s former nanny Jennifer Watkins aka Jennifer Pacheco and the cousin of Kim Mathers stated that she had a secret affair with the rapper while he was divorcing in 2001 and got pregnant by the rapper.

Jennifer Pacheco allegedly miscarried his child.

Kim Mather stated that she ended her relationship with Jennifer Pacheco after the cousin requested a threesome with the couple.

“That’s my cousin, Jennifer, sitting in the studio with you right now. What I have to say is first and foremost that she wants to talk about how I’m a family-wrecker. Let’s talk about how she wrecks her family, how she dates her aunt’s ex-husband… The real reason she stopped speaking to me is because I wouldn’t have sex with her and her husband, ” Kim stated on ” Mojo In The Morning.”

Jennifer Pacheoco went on to write a book titled “Cleaning Out My Closet.”

Kim added, “The fact of the matter of her writing the book is that she’s mad because she tried to get with Marshall. He didn’t want to see her in that way and because he cut off ties with her she’s pissed?”

Eminem’s response was, ” The people who end up writing books about me, end up back in their little trailer-trash homes anyway?”

Currently Eminem is reportedly working on his fifth studio album which is allegedly named “King Mathers”. In May, 50 Cent confirmed rumors that Enimem was working a new album. The album is stated to be coming soon, with no mention of an exact release date or title.

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