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Paris Hilton Preparing Second Album, Brings In Scott Storch

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Paris Hilton Wrapped In Microphone
Paris Hilton is reportedly working a second album. She told E! in an interview, “I’m already working on my new record. I’ve been in meeting with Scott Storch and we’ve been working on it.”

Paris Hilton has been seen carrying a voice coaching book titled “Singing For The Stars” as well as leaving the offices of vocal coach Seth Riggs, who is also the author of the book.

Sources state that the hotel heiress has already completed a number of tracks, and the title and release date of the album hasn’t been determined.

Paris Hilton’s first album “Paris” made it onto the U.S. Billboard charts but fell off quickly. After not meeting the sales/unit quota for Warner Brothers, the label decided not to produced another album with her.

Paris Hilton owns the label Heiress Records, a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records In the past the heiress stated that she plans to sign new artists in the future.

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