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Rapper Jadakiss and Two Associates To Stand Trial On Gun Charge


According to reports, rapper Jadakiss and two of his associates, Darnell Frazier and Kristian Smith will stand trial in Westchester County, NY on weapons possession charges resulting from an October 2006 incident in their hometown of Yonkers, NY. The officer who pulled them over claimed to have smelt marijuana and proceeded to search the car finding a gun.

The three were charged with third degree criminal possession of a weapon, which tests revealed was handled by several individuals prior to the officer finding the gun which has made it hard to determine who’s fingerprints were actually on it. Even though the test proved this, prosecutors have still moved forward with the case with no identifiable information.

“He had no knowledge of the gun in the car,” said Jada’s lawyer, Clement Patti. “They’re saying that there’s a presumption …but with no fingerprints, DNA, in the interest of justice they should dismiss the charges.”

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