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Busta Rhymes Rejects Plea, Faces Four Trials


Busta Rhymes At Court House
According to reports, rapper Busta Rhymes (born Trevor Smith) who was accused of attacking two men (beating a fan and a former employee), driving drunk, and driving with a suspended license, has rejected a plea deal and is now facing four separate trials in a New York court on Tuesday (July 10).

The rapper was offered the same deal that was presented to him in May which required Busta Rhymes to serve a year in jail to cover all four cases, but he rejected it. According to his attorney, Scott Leemon, the two assault cases cannot be consolidated and the Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Larry Stephen on Tuesday denied the prosecution’s motion to consolidate the two assault charges against him.

Leemon stated the hearings in the drunken driving and suspended license cases will be held by the Judge to determine whether any statements Busta made to police before and after he was arrested may be used at trial.

The rapper is due back in court on September 5, 2007.

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