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Master P and Romeo Profanity Free Song, ‘Let The Kids Grow’

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Master P and Romeo
After all the talk of not using profanity, Master P and his son Romeo is here with a track called “Let The Kids Grow” off the album “Hip-Hop History” which will be under their new label “Take A Stand Records”. “Let the kids grow, let the kids dream / I was lost, I used to hustle in the same street / Let the kids win, let the kids play / If we change for tomorrow it’ll be a brighter day.”

Don’t think that Master P has gone all tart on us, he’s still the same hustler we know him as, it’s all now just about raising family and changing with age.

The main goal with “Take A Stand Records” is to put out hip-hop artists with street music without all the cussing, because if you didn’t know, all the buying power is in the kids market. If the kids can’t listen to it, you’ll stay right there on the shelves like you been doing.

“My son and I have started a record company called Take A Stand Records. Proceeds from the record album sales will go to scholarship funds for underprivileged kids across the nation. Personally, I have profited millions of dollars through explicit rap lyrics. I can honestly say that I was once part of the problem and now it’s time to be part of the solution. I am ready to take a stand by cleaning up my music and follow my son’s footsteps and make a clean rap album,” Master P stated in his open letter.

Do you think we need more positive rappers looking to make an impact on the community?

If you think so, it’s going to take more than just one.

The album “Hip-Hop History” is expected to be released in September.

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