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Justin Timberlake Celebrates 4th Of July In London with 18,000 Fans


Justin Timberlake Celebrates 4th of July in London
Superstar Justin Timberlake celebrated Independence Day with more than 18,000 fans at his Futuresex/Loveshow concert in England on this past Wednesday on the London’s O2 Arena stage. The star took a champagne glass on stage with him and asked the crowd to celebrate the 4th of July by taking a moment and remembering this those who are fighting for our freedom.

He said, “Because it’s American Independence Day, I propose a toast. This one goes out to our troops fighting for our freedom.” Timberlake told the crowd how much he loved London, before jokingly criticizing the weather: “When I was a little boy, I never thought that I’d ever play one show in London, let alone five!. You’ve made a country boy’s dream come true.”

He added, “Man, someone is going to have to make a call about this weather.”

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