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L Cool J Talks About Beef With Jay-Z and Last Album ‘Exit 13′ With Def Jam


LL Cool J
Rapper/actor LL Cool J (James Todd Smith, III) is wrapping up to release his 13th album entitled “Exit 13″ under Russell Simmons’ Def Jam. The album reportedly will be produced by rapper 50 Cent.

As for his relationship with Russell Simmons the rapper stated, “We have a great, incredible relationship. You only get a few chances for a certain amount of friends.”

“When Russell and Rick Rubin [started DJ (Def Jam)] they were hands-on, and it was phenomenal. Today, there is a lot more business in hip hop than there is creativity. We have to get back to [rap's] roots, [we have to be] more relevant,” LL Cool J tells NY Daily News about the changes since 1984.

As far as having beef with rapper Jay-Z, LL Cool adds, “I was never angry at Jay-Z. My ­issues were with the company, the way they pushed younger artists to the wayside. They deserve to be heard. As a New Yorker, I would love to hear more local artists. This is America. Artists should have a platform.”

LL Cool J was the first artists signed to Def Jam Records in 1984.

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