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Eve Pleads No Contest In DUI Case, Must Wear Alcohol Monitoring Device


Rapper Eve
Attorney Blair Berk plead no contest for his client Eve, the first lady of Ruff Ryders, for a DUI charge on June 28, 2007. The rapper who did not appear in court was tested in April with a blood alcohol level of .08 after she crashed her Maserati on Hollywood Blvd.

The judge ordered Eve to attach a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device to her ankle for 45 days, as well as pay $1400 in fines and enroll in the first offenders alcohol eduction program and serve 36 months of “informal” probation.

As part of the deal, the prosecutor dropped two other misdemeanor charges of driving impaired and driving without proof of insurance.

Eve’s lawyer, Blair Berk, will have to return to court on July 20 to prove that his client has been wearing the SCRAM alcohol monitoring device and that she joined the alcohol eduction program. By not doing so, the rapper could face time in jail as well as fines.

In other news, Eve is getting ready to release her fourth album entitled “Here I Am”. The album is expected to release on August 7.

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