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Rapper Trina Alters Her Appearance, Pulls A Michael Jackson Stunt?


Rapper Trina Skin Bleaching
According to Media Takeout, female rapper Trina has went to altering her appearance by changing the color of her skin by using a high dosage of Hydroquinone which is found in bleaching cream.

When a person’s skin tone turns suddenly usually they’re using a high dosage and not an over the counter product which takes months and sometimes years for changes to occur. Over the counter bleaching creams has no more than 3% of Hydroquinone and prescriptions with Hydroquinone in it starts at 4%.

We believe she could have possibly used a mild commercial product with monobenzone in it which depigments the skin and kills the melanin (used by Michael Jackson) or had a Skin Culture Peeling treatment (chemical peel). From the photo, it looks like she had a chemical peel since her skin has an even tone and not streaks in it.

Alledgely one of Media Takout readers sent them some pictures of how extent the changes are and HipHopRx just put the photos together so you can have a better look for yourself.

Is she pulling a Lil Kim or Michael Jackson move us on? Hopefully not. A majority of the time people call themselves fixing blemishes, but end up with a skin bleaching product with too much Hydroquinone in it or the treatment was too harsh on their skin.

Could it be an identity issue or has Hollywood taken its toll on The Diamond Princess?

View The Original Photos.

Rapper Trina Skin Before Bleaching or TreatmentRapper Trina Skin After Bleaching or Treatment

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