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Tyrese Proposes To Soon To Be Baby Momma At Baby Shower


Tyrese Playing With Transformers Figure
After rumors started to fly about Tyrese asking singer and actress Brandy Norwood to marry him…. that was confirmed to be false. Although the two possibly did date years ago, Brandy’s publicist clears things up by stating that she was throwing a baby shower for Tyrese’s girlfriend Norma at her Los Angeles home on June 7.

Norma and Tyrese made headlines earlier this year where the two were reported to have been in a verbal altercation which turned physical, when Norma was reportedly 11-weeks pregnant. No charges were filed and Norma later came back to say that the events that took place during the dispute were “distorted.”

Hopefully, this doesn’t transform Tyrese into something that we’ll soon hate. As for transforming, be sure to catch the latest flick he will be starring in “Transformers” in theaters July 3.

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