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Nas and Crew Anger Fans; Reports Claim Stealing In Budapest


Claims have been made that rapper Nas and his crew has reportedly been caught stealing around Europe during his “Hip Hop is Dead” tour. The rapper and his crew allegedly has been taking money from local promoters and refusing to play scheduled gigs according to Pestiside. The rapper was expected to perform in Budapest on last week, but from the report, this will be his third time on tour and never performing. Similar incidents are stated to have happened also in Spain and Croatia.

The rapper refused to perform at the Budapest’s Events Hall before a crowd of 2,000 – 3,000 fans who waited until 2:30 in the morning to see him. The rapper allegedly called off the gig without any type of notification. The reason behind not performing according to the event organizers Crazy Styles, is that the sound was terrible, stage issues, and that the event was larger than what he was told. The rapper was also reported as not agreeing with the payment by saying it wasn’t enough. In return, the rapper asked for an additional 10% that he allegedly received. After receiving the additional payment the rapper was said to have left the building through the back door.

One fan states, “The Hungarian guys (event promoters) call the police. They told them everything about what happened, Nas’s crew inside did some pointless speech, that the Hungarians want to make use of they don’t speak Hungarian… like a bad joke again. The police weren’t able to do anything. Then other police cars came… THEY call it to protect them. (How pathetic) (If you don’t understand it: they weren’t in danger, just nobody understood the whole thing… what they did was like an amateur scam on the streets) … So they steal and then they ask for protection from the police. Their reason was that Kelis is in the Hotel and they are afraid to let her out. Pathetic, disgusting liars. As i heard, it wasn’t the first case, things like this happened in more countries. That’s why it is important. It’s really sad after the brilliant Hungarian Method Man – Redman show. ”

While Nas allegedly abandoned his fans, his wife Kelis went on to perform as scheduled at 3:00 am for approximately an hour fans state.

Unfortunately, the incident has angered many European hip-hop fans, who has now turned to the internet by posting angry posts on Def Jam’s forums.

Picture of Venue:
Budapest Event Hall

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