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Jay-Z Makes Rihanna Off-limit, No Guy Is Better Than Him


Jay-Z and Rihanna with Suitor
According to Rihanna in an interview with People Magazine, Jay-Z tells other men interested in her that’s she’s off-limit. You know he has to watch his property investment. If it gets damaged, then it’s no good.

“I just found out from a mutual friend that guys will talk to Jay first before they try to approach me,” Rihanna tells People at a Venus Breeze event in New York City. He’s very protective,” she continued, “Jay has my best interests in mind. If it’s a good guy I know Jay won’t shut him down. But if he’s not, Jay will be like, ‘No, no, no.’ ” When asked who some of the potential dates have been she answered, “He actually never tells me. I have no clue who they are and I guess I’ll never know.”

Jay-Z doesn’t want to get dumped by “Queen B” or is she just playing along too. Beyonce has already been upset over Rihanna even to the point of not accepting events that wanted them both to take part.

Something to do…. didn’t Beyonce and Rihanna make a song together? Let us know once you find the answer.

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