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Rapper 50 Cent Excused From NBA Star Allen Iverson’s Assault Trail


50 Cent and Allen Iverson
Afterall, 50 Cent will not have to testify at the the assault trail for NBA star Allen Iverson according to a ruling issues by a federal judge Friday.

The lawsuit is from a downtown Washington bar fight which alledgely included Allen Iverson’s, his entourage and some patrons in 2005. Two of the patrons have submitted the lawsuit accusing Iverson of hitting them with a bottle and also placed charges against his entire entourage. The charges are assault, conspiracy and other miscellaneous charges.

Although 50 Cent wasn’t involved in the fight, lawyers of the two plaintiff’s stated that 50 Cent “Curtis Jackson” knew in detail about Iverson’s security and could testify at the trial.

“They worked together on previous occasions,” attorney Gregory L. Lattimer said Friday.

50 Cent being as smart as he is, argued that he shouldn’t be involved to testify at the trial for the lawsuit since he was not involved in the fight and his name was not listed in the lawsuit. Plus the rapper stated that he shouldn’t be forced to travel from his home in Connecticut to testify at the trial which begins on June 27.

The judge agreed with 50 Cent and stated that she didn’t have jurisdiction because he lives more than 100 miles away from the court.

The plaintiff’s are asking for over $5 million dollars from Iverson and his entourage.

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