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Snoop Dogg Gets ‘Raw’ With WWE


Snoop Dogg WWE Raw Nation
If case you haven’t caught it, Snoop Dogg (Dee Ohh Double Geezy!) is promoting one of the many sports that he loves… WWE Monday Night Raw. The rapper can be caught on the TV commercials seen in the actual ring of the WWE reppin the Raw Nation.

Snoop Dogg may even be considering a career in wrestling.

“I don’t know. I mean, ’cause I ain’t really with getting hit on. I’m with being one of them cool managers that’s like, ‘Y’all slap me, I’m calling in all of my goons and we gonna tear this muthaf**ker up,’ Snoop tells MTV

“I like it though, and my kids, they keep the spirit alive. Wrestling is something that you either love or hate. Ain’t no in-betweens. And when you love it, you love everything about it,” added Snoop.

Is Snoop about to put open a can ass whooping on the WWE?

Watch The Snoop Dogg WWE TV Commercial

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