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Judge Simpson Throws Out Weapons Charge For Busta Rhymes Assault Case


Busta Rhymes - White Suit
On yesterday, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Shawndya Simpson ruled that prosecutors could not charge Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith) with possession of a weapon, after a machete was found in his SUV following an arrest on an assault charge. The case began after the rapper was arrested back in 2007 on charges stemming from a man who reported that the rapper assaulted him and who was accused of spitting on Smith’s car. At the time of the arrest, police found a machete in the seat pocket of his SUV.

On last month the rapper denied a deal to spend time in the slammer for a year over assault charges and a DUI charge. If the rapper would have accepted the deal he would have had to attend an AAA treatment program and pay a fine of $1,500.

The court is expecting to see the rapper back again on December 11, 2007. Hopefully, the rapper will avoid trouble until then. Think not!

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