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Fat Joe Tells All or Nothing


Fat Joe - Holding Up Terror Squad Chain
Rapper Fat Joe supposedly witnessed a double homicide and has reportedly agreed to cooperate with the police, only to deny the alleged witnessing of the unfortunate crime.

It has been said that Fat Joe, whose real name is Joseph Cartagena was a passenger of the black Cadillac Escalade along with with victims Lessli Paz, 25, of Jamaica, Queens, and Joey Navarro, 26, of Homestead, Florida.

The shooting took place out side of David’s Café II in South Beach, FL., on Memorial Day.

Jermaine Chamberline, 24, of Miami has been arrested for the shooting.

Reportedly, Jeffrey Lichthman, Fat Joe’s Lawyer contacted the police when he heard that Fat Joe was implicated as a witness. He says that his client did not see anything and that he left the country for Russia after the shooting. Lichthman also says that his client will give a person to person statement or one via telephone contact.

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