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50 Cent Agrees On “The Ugliest Person In Hip-Hop”


50 Cent - Curtis Jackson
50 Cent is a very intellectual person, but this time he should have left the ugly question alone. In an recent interview on Jamn 94.5, 50 Cent along with his sidekick Tony Yayo was asked five questions and one of them is the beginning of the beauty beef by naming the “Ugliest Person In Hip-Hop”. The host told 50 Cent he would probably be the most honest person to answer the question and everyone else gets nervous when he asks them the question.

Who is the ugliest person in hip-hop? 50 Cent laughed when he was asked. Tony Yayo said Lloyd from Murder, Inc. and that he looks like a Christmas Troll. “That’s a tough question. You have to have someone on your mind that you may want to attack when asked that question…. I really don’t judge em like that. It’s wired for a guy to pick a guy…. I’ll have to pick a girl,” stated 50 Cent. The host suggested Lil Kim and 50 Cent went on to state, “She’s definitely the ugliest man. I’m mean because she has fixed everything. She got to feel that way though to have been to plastic surgery that many times. She have to think some is the matter. If you fixing shit then you think something broke, unless you like 65 and trying to stop through calling it a tune-up.”

In the interview the rapper was even asked about celebrities who keep getting arrested for DUI/DWI’s. The host of the show stated, “A lot of the celebrities keep getting caught up in clubs and everything. Or they keep getting caught drinking and driving and all that crap. When you make a certain amount of money, I mean a poor person can get a designated driver. Why don’t you say if you really want to party and you really don’t care about the media and stuff, why don’t you just say like you do…. I’m gonna have a party at my house and invite my close friends?”

“They can do that. They just choose to go out and get a drink and get the DWI,” stated 50 Cent.

50 Cent’s forthcoming album “Curtis” is expected in stores August 4, 2007.

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