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Watch Out Ladies! Ludacris Says He’s Packing


Recently Ludacris told Playboy Magazine that he’s packing in his pants and we don’t mean a pistol. The rapper says he’s not bragging and the ladies haven’t complained yet. Hopefully the rapper isn’t boasting or could it be that singer Ray J has sparked on a little jealously since everyone has been talking about Ray J’s manhood lately because of his sex tape escapade with Kim Kardashian.

Ludacris stated in his interview with Playboy, “If you’re proud of yourself, you’ve broken out a ruler and measured yourself.”

“All I can say is I’m extremely proud of myself. And it took me a while to realize because it’s not like I go around peeping at other men. It’s something I have been told by many women. I’m exceptional–very much, I was told. Women, watch out for us medium built guys,” add Ludacris.

Have you ever thought what would it sound like if women stated that men have never complained. Hmmm… then again, why would they?

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