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Ruff Ryders Records CEO Pushing More Weight Than Records


Darrin Dean - Ruff Ryders CEO
Friday night, June 1st Darrin Dean CEO of Ruff Ryder Records was arrested for possession of 1 ½ kilos of cocaine and a .45 caliber. Apparently Dean and the driver of the Chevrolet van, Jerry Gilbert were pulled over by Palisades Parkway Police for a busted tail light. The two were leaving Dean’s house when they were stopped. Police found a trapped door in the van and that is where they found the illegal substance and handgun. Bail was posted at 342,000 before Dean and Jerry could be released from the Bersen County Jail.

Who would have thought a reportedly 20 million dollar record selling empire CEO would have to transport dope on the side?

Earlier this year the talented first lady of Ruff Ryder Records rapper/actress Eve was charged with a DUI while cruising in her Maserati. After all of DMX’s trouble you would think that they would learn by example.

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