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Mariah Carey Planning To Adopt A Child?


Mariah Carey - Walking Her Jack Russell
After reading several reports, this just had to be mentioned that Mariah Carey is reportedly thinking about adopting a child. The singer was visiting a Mexican orphange with her lawyer to possibly adopt a Mexican orphan reports state. A representative for Mariah Carey refused to comment on the allegations.

Mariah Carey is just one of many celebrities who has join the trend of adopting for the past year. Others expected to adopt include Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, and Jennifer Aniston.

Mariah Carey should probably stick to walking her Jack Russell for the time being.

In other news, you should be expecting to see Mariah Carey in the upcoming movie “Tennessee” where she will play the role of a biracial waitress, Krystal, who travels with her two brothers to find their long-lost father. The soundtrack will feature original songs by Mariah Carey, and a collaboration with country singer Willie Nelson.

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