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Will 50 Cent Be $400 million Richer After Glaceau’s Proposed Buyout?


50 Cent
Well everyone is now questioning as to whether the news that 50 Cent “Curtis Jackson” will be $400 million dollars richer is true after an announced buy of the company Glaceau/Engery Brands, Inc. by Coca-Cola. It is expected to be that the music executive/entrepreneur 50 Cent will be an estimated $400 million dollars richer after taking a 10% cut into the company Glaceau which produces his energy drink Formula 50. But is it true?

Currently the news on 50 Cent is stated to be only hearsay and nothing has been confirmed by the company (Glaceau) itself or in official reports. According to a stock expert spreading rumors can be classed as a “very bad form” and can be criminal, which one would doubt 50 Cent would try to do. Possibly what they’re trying to do is get a buying frenzy going on so that the company will be worth even more and those who have invested into the company will get their monies worth. Isn’t that’s what the stock game is about?

How was it calculated that 50 Cent owns 10% of the company? HipHopRX.com’s answer: Depending on the amount of shares that 50 bought, let’s say it was 500 shares and he bought 50 then that would mean he owns 10% of Glaceau. However, if you bought half of the stock say 50%, you become a board member of that company, and then you’re looked at as an owner of the company.

Coca-Cola officially announced on Friday the buyout for $4.1 billion dollars which includes the 30 % percent from an Indian company named Tata Group who will get a reportedly $1.2 billion out of the deal.

Energy Brands, Inc which is also known as Glaceau will become a part of Coca-Cola Co.’s earnings starting in 2008. Since announcing the buy, Coca-Cola shares rose 65 cents to $51.89 this past Friday.

In the meantime you catch the rapper in TV ads for the energy drink which started airing recently with one the current one showing him as a Conductor of a Orchestra which of course plays hip-hop music and a rendition of his “In Da Club”. DJ Who Kid also makes a guest appearance in the ad as a violinist.

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