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Quincy Jones Tells The King of Pop Michael Jackson, “He’s Too Busy”


Quincy Jones
According to reports music mogul Quincy Jones has rejected the King of Pop Michael Jackson at a chance to possibly make an album like “Thriller” which was the best selling album of all time which he helped produced in 1982. Quincy reportedly stated that he has too much on my plate. “Man please, I’ve got enough to do. We already did that. I have talked to him about working with him again but I’ve got too much to do. I’ve got 900 products, I’m 74 years old. Give me a break,” Quincy told NME.

Currently the 74 year-old man has his plans set-up on working with the movie master Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee to help make music for the …… Beijing Olympics. In addition, he’s also working with Brett Ratner on a 3D film about Brazil.

Well maybe Michael waited just a few years too late.

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