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Busta Rhymes Faces 6 Months In Jail On Weapons Charge


Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes “Trevor Smith”, 34, was charged with a misdemeanor weapons charge on December 11 for being in possession of a machete who is also accused of a felony assault and harassment after police searched his car. Cops found the 10 inch machete in the seat pocket of the SUV when they busted Busta Rhymes for the alleged beating Roberto Lebron when he was arrested in August.

Busta Rhymes’ lawyer Scott Leemon said the knife was “a prop” and did not warrant a criminal charge.

Busta Rhymes has refused Manhattan prosecutors’ plea offer of six months in jail on charges of misdemeanor assault for the August incident. He has already been charged previously for beating up Roberto Lebron for spitting on his car causing him to get a misdemeanor.

During an October court hearing, Judge Shawndya Simpson dropped the charges of possession of a weapon, however the District Attorney’s Office recently filed a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession and the charges were reinstated. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is stated to be pursuing assault and harassment charges dating back to August 12.

Busta Rhymes’ lawyer, Robert Kalina, calls the case “selective prosecution” of a rap star. On the other hand, prosecutors argue that six months is too light of a sentence considering his history of violence “status as a violent predicate felon.”.

Busta Rhymes is expected back in court on February 20, 2007.

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