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Rapper 50 Cent new boxing movie “The Dance”


50 Cent
Rapper 50 Cent “Curtis James Jackson III” will be starring in a new Boxing movie called “The Dance” where he will star alongside award-winning actor/director Nicolas Cage “Nicolas Kim Coppola” (Peggy Sue Got Married, Face Off, Gone in Sixty Seconds, National Treasure). The movie will be about prison boxers where a one-time champion prize fighter Billy “The Kid” Roth played by Nicolas Cage, volunteers as a boxing coach for over 40 years in the prisons of Louisiana.

In an interview 50 stated that he had just started boxing training and he’ll be in top condition by the time the movie starts shooting. 50 Cent is currently using Floyd Mayweather Jr’s trainer and uncle Roger Mayweather to help him get into tip top shape for his role.

The movie will begin shooting sometime next year and Nicolas Cage is a producer and executive producer for the movie.

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