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Rapper Twisted Black sentenced to life in prison


Twisted BlackA 35 year-old aspiring rapper called Twisted Black “Tommy Burns” from Fort Worth, Texas was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine which many deem as a harsh sentence. The hearing was held in Texas where it was stated that he was selling up to a kilogram of cocaine every three weeks on last year according to a witness. Courtney Iglehart, 23, testified in court that Twisted Black “Tommy Burns” paid him $4,500 in February 2005 for an estimated quarter of a kilogram of cocaine. Iglehart is stated to be already serving a 10-year sentence for dealing crack which may give him a break for his information according to sources.

This sentence comes almost six months after signing a deal with independent record label TVT Records. Twisted Black debut album is slated for a 2007 release. His latest CD single was in September entitled “I’m a Fool Wit It” from his previous album.

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