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Foxy Brown booted off live radio show


Recently female rapper Foxy Brown was booted from the Power 105.1 morning radio show for trying to dictate the interview and dodging questions on rumors that she was removed from Def Jam’s roster.

When Egypt & Ashy of Power 105.1 asked her if she had been dropped, Foxy Brown denied everything before saying she left the label herself.

“See, what people don’t know is that I initiated leaving Def Jam. They didn’t drop me, they could never drop me. I am a multi-platinum artist,” according to reports.

When Foxy Brown was questioned about the nail salon incident where she was alledgedly accused of assaulting a manicurist Foxy Brown stated, “I am not getting into what took place in the nail salon because it was an unfortunate incident that I learned from.”

Power 105.1 Egypt confronted Foxy Brown by stating to her, “But you contacted me to talk about these things. This is your opportunity, your platform to set the record straight. You have to admit that people say you are hard to work with and have a bad attitude.”

Foxy told the DJ’s the she was not answering them and that they were disrespectful. “I told you when I called you what type of questions I wanted for my interview,” stated Foxy.

“Foxy, you leave the room, this interview is over,” stated one of the DJ’s.

The DJ’s had enough of her behavior and how she wanted to control the interview. With that kind of Diva behavior she’ll be getting booted from more than just radio.

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