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The Game to release sophomore album Doctor’s Advocate


The Game
The Game’s sophomore album entitled “Doctor’s Advocate” was made available before the expected release date but while downloaders were hoping for the original tracks, the album eventually turned out to be the censored version. The leak is stated to be a drug dealer move to make you want more or rather comparing a CD to food which inturn will feed the hungry public. The Game actually admitted that he was responsible for the leak of his new album inorder to try to beat illegal music downloaders.

“It’s like selling crack in the hood, man. Anybody that ever sold drugs in the hood knows you gotta give a n***a a taste before they buy,” states The Game.

The album is executive produced by “The Game” himself and with him being so excited about the album, he’s now calling himself Mr. Soundscan because he states he’s going to prove to everyone this is how you put records out and get real numbers. And this time around the album does not include beats by Dr. Dre or 50 cent on the album. The Game tell fans that everyone will see if The Game is the sh– or if his career will die due to the lack of having producer Dr. Dre or the G-Unit frontman 50 cent.

The official release date for the album is set for November 14 and contains 16 tracks with production by Scott Storch, will.i.am, Cool & Dre and appearances by Junior Reid, Kanye West, Nas, Marsha of Floetry and many others.

Currently The Game states that he is running his own company Black Wallstreet and has also started Black Wallstreet Films and has already brought on a number of producers. He’s also working on Black Wallstreet clothing line and Fly Boy which is an upscale line which will be coming out soon.

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