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Rapper The Game Says He Found Long-Lost Sister on MySpace


The Game
Is this a MySpace publicity stunt to get more rappers on the site or did The Game find a new way to help promote his album? You be the judge. This will make you get a little curious, because how many of us on Myspace use our real names. Here’s the story ….

While surfing the web one night, The Game “Jayceon Taylor” decided to type in the name of the sister who he states he hasn’t seen since he was a child – and was astonished to find she is a myspacer too.

“MySpace is dope, man. I recently found my sister that I haven’t seen since she was three years old on MySpace, I typed in her name, and the shit pops up.”

No one has any other information at this time, but The Game’s album “Game’s Doctor’s Advocate” is slated to be in stores November 14.

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