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Judge Denies Rapper C-Miller Interviews To Promote Upcoming Album


C-Murder aka C-Miller
According to rapper/hip-hop star C-Miller “C-Murder” publicist, the 35 year old rapper has been unable to talk to any media since his release from jail, now since Monday the judge has made it clear and has put a number of restrictions in place while supervising his case such has making it final that he will not be allowed any interviews at all to promote his upcoming album.

C-Miller is currently under house arrest as a condition of his $500,000 (£266,446) bail and is awaiting a retrial for the murder of teenager Steve Thomas in Louisiana in 2002 .

Corey Miller “C-Miller” was jailed for life in 2003, but won a retrial because prosecutors withheld information about witnesses which has been uncommon of the majority of hip-hop/rap related trials.

On Monday, Miller’s attorney Ron Rakosky asked Sassone for permission to promote the album entitled “The TRU Story…Continued”. Rakosky said Miller is dependent on the money from his music to support his three children, pay for his legal defense and to renovate his grandmother’s home in New Orleans, which was damaged by flooding after Hurricane Katrina.

Even though C-Miller sought for permission to give promotional interviews for his forthcoming album, prosecutors argued that he had only been given bail to help prepare for his retrial.

“I guess the music will have to speak for itself,” said Louisiana District Judge Martha Sassone.

“Capitol Records will have to find another way to advertise it,” says Judge Sassone. “There’ll be no interviews, no music videos.”

Inaddition, the judge did agree to allow Corey Miller “C-Miller” to have his photograph taken, as well as allow him into his back yard to play with his children as long as it is done at the Kenner residence where he is serving house arrest until his Feb. 26 trial on a second-degree murder charge.

“I would like for him to spend time with his kids,” said Judge Sassone.

Corey Miller’s retrial and his album “The TRU Story…Continued” are scheduled for a February 2007 release and will an estimated 22 tracks.

C-Miller is formerly known as C-Murder of No Limit Records, he has had three top 10 albums.

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