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Rapper Cam’ron in a mix with D.C. Police


Cameron “Cam’ron” Giles is getting a bad vibe with the D.C. Police due to an investigation being still open on who shot him in Washington last fall. The shooting happened on Oct. 23, 2005, during the Howard University’s homecoming weekend. Cam’ron was in Washington for the event and was driving his royal blue Lamborghini at the time. Cam’ron was said to had stopped at a red light at New York and New Jersey Ave. NW when someone jumped out of a Ford Expedition and shot him in both arms he stated. Cam’ron did manage to drive away, and was said to have boasted about the incident saying that he didn’t give up his car simply because he paid a sum of over $250,000 for it. Since the removal of the bullet from his arms he has be unable to move some of his fingers.

For police things are still a little bit sketchy and there have been no arrests still.

Reports state that rumors are surfing around stating the shooting was staged to help give Cam’ron street credit and jump start his career which it barely did. While the rumors are still floating, police official state that Cam’ron refuses to return phone calls or come to Washington to help with the investigation.

Cam’ron states his reason for refusal is due to him having little faith in the police investigation, simple because no one has been able to solve the murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.

In the meantime, Cam’ron is getting ready to release a new album in December entitled “Shade Of Black”.

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