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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow sings alongside Jay-Z in London


Gwyneth Paltrow
Not many knew about the hidden talent of Gwyneth Paltrow singing. The actress enchanted public at the Royal Albert Hall by performing on stage alongside Jay-Z to unleash her new talent. Gwyneth Paltrow sang a melody entitled “Song Cry”.

Many believe this all happened so that the actress could support her husband’s collaboration with unretired rapper Jay-Z. Gwyneth Patrow’s husband Chris Martin is said to have collaborated on the rapper’s latest album, “Kingdom Come”.

This was the first hip-hop show to take place at the Royal Albert Hall. Jay-Z happened to appear on stage near his long-time girlfriend, Beyonce and near Gwyneth’s husband, Coldplay’s front man, Chris Martin. Organizers of the concert took care of every aspect of the event. In addition to Jay-Z’s performance a 25-piece orchestra supported him.

Chris Martin and Jay-Z duetted on two songs, one from the rappers new album and “Heart of the City” from record “The Blueprint”.

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