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Janet Jackson’s Baby Rumors : Are They True?


Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri
For years Janet Jackson has been questioned about having a child with her ex-husband James Debarge. Janet insisted that she has never given birth to a secret child.

The rumor was spread by a former in-law for years who thought that a young girl was her daughter. It eventually turns out that the young girl was her niece.

On numerous occasions Janet Jackson stated that she has been trying get Debarge to realize that she hadn’t given birth. However, James Debarge still insists that this is true and asked Janet Jackson to reveal the truth to everyone.

She says, “He and I have actually talked about it. He said to me that his mother actually mentioned it to him so much, he had to ask me about it. He was like, “You wouldn’t do that (lie), would you?” I had to tell him, “If I’d had a baby, you would know.” I would never keep a child from its father.”

Janet Jackson says that she has considered about having her first child with Jermaine Dupri due to him being her soul mate, but recent reports say that she dumped him. Is it actually true?

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