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Usher Decides To Go Broadway


While on Broadway, Usher is currently playing the role of Billy Flynn in the Broadway play Chicago. The play originally opened on Broadway in 1975. The play has been running non-stop since 1996 and in November will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Usher will be playing on Broadway until October 1.

“I decided to become an entertainer many years ago. I didn’t really know what that meant until I began to look at other people who had become the motivating force for me to do what I do”, states Usher.

After looking at such legends as Sammy Davis Jr., Ben Vereen and Bob Fosser, Usher knew that he wanted to be a triple threat: dance, sing and act like they did. When he gets around 40 years old, Usher says he wants to say that he experienced it all and had fun doing it.

When asked about failing doing Broadway, Usher says he isn’t worrying about failure while doing Broadway since he believes the person who dwells on his failure can’t see the lesson in it. “You have to become greater. You have to get up and keep going if you do fail. I can’t say that I’ve failed at anything because it has all been an experience, a journey. Entertainment is that”, states Usher.

After doing this his next plan is set on a successful label Ush Records which he says is priority and he hopes to get back to the studio as soon as he’s done to get the next album.

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