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Pirate Played Rap and Took Country Radio Station’s Airtime


Darrin Satter
You’re listening to your favorite country station, and all of a sudden you begin to hear urban rap music, what do you do?

Hopefully 34 year-old Darin Satter has learned his lesson on interfering with a licensed station.

For a few weeks, listerners of WKIS-FM (Kiss Country) in Florida heard rap music on their radios instead of the regular programming. According to detectives, he was running a pirate radio station that was interfering with the legitimate radio station’s signal.

Fortunately the engineers of WKIS tracked down the signel to a trailer park by the name of Okomo, find the location and then they contacted the BSO. Once contacted the detectives went out to the trailer park and found that Darin Satter had a large broadcasting antenna outside his trailer which was approximately 30-feet tall.

Darin Satter was arrested and charged with unauthorized transmission/interference with a public radio station. If found guilty, Darin Satter could face prison with a maximum sentence of five years and a fine of $5,000.

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