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Beyoncé Knowles Dirty Secret


Beyoncé Knowles
It is stated that Beyoncé Knowles told a magazine she doesn’t wash – so she can keep her skin flawless.

Never wash your face with soap or cleansers. “I don`t wash my face with soaps or put on lotions. It’s the truth”, stated Beyoncé.

Beyoncé, also insisted the importance of eating the right foods and not nibble on fatty snacks if you want to have skin like hers.

“I think eating healthily and staying away from bad food is also important”, Beyoncé goes on to say.

Recently Beyoncé has been having fun eating tons of junk foods after going on an all-liquid diet for 14 days which was the Maple Syrup Diet Fad (maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and water). The maple syrup was organic “Madal Bal Natural Tree” syrup so she could drop two dress sizes for her role in new movie `Dreamgirls`.

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