15 beauty icons that are actually “ugly”

beauty icons ugly

You know, beauty is subjective. But for those who have made a profession of beauty, such as models, Hollywood stars, and showbiz divas, this is a very delicate issue.

We are used to seeing them on the red carpet or in photo shoots always perfect in their designer clothes, made up and combed, in short, beautiful.

While there are famous women with whom Mother Nature has been objectively generous, on the other there are some considered goddesses who came down to earth … but with some help.

Let’s not question their obvious charm, charisma, personality, quite the contrary! In this case, we allow ourselves, with a little lightness, to show you how in reality there are world beauty icons who are in all respects very normal women.

Let’s see together, then, the 15 most overrated women in the world in terms of beauty. Do you already have any in mind? The article continues:

1) Lady Gaga

Having become famous in the last 10 years, she has spent practically half of her time covering her nose in her videos or at least trying to mask it as much as possible. She hasn’t opted for surgery, despite the fact that it’s easy to do in the show business, and that says a lot about her.

2) Pamela Anderson

The days of Baywatch have passed and the youth is fading. We certainly cannot say that as a young woman Pamela Anderson was not beautiful: the classic super blonde Californian, even if in reality she was born in the great north, in Canada. Unfortunately, however, he decided not to opt for natural aging, but to be “helped” by prostheses and Botox. She still remains the most popular sexy lifeguard in the world.

3) Meg Ryan

She became famous above all for her performance in the comedy film, Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan has been famous on the big screen for almost 30 years and in all this time, like many of her colleagues, she has not been watching the time go by. She was criticized by many for having “exaggerated” retouching, which changed her face a lot.

4) Tori Spelling

The very famous Beverly Hills Woman. Among the colleagues, compared to Jennie Garth (Taylor in the show), she did not already stand out at the time to be the most beautiful. Important chin, prominent cheekbones, and very elongated face. Over the years, she too has succumbed to the touch-ups of the plastic surgeon.

5) Paris Hilton

Now famous to all for her extravagances and for her chihuahuas carried in handbags, Paris Hilton, the most famous heiress in the world, is in fact one who cannot fail to get noticed. But did you know that she doesn’t actually have blue eyes, but she wears colored lenses? Her hair is also not real, in fact, her naturals are not that blonde.

6) Rosanna Arquette

Famous for starring with the emerging Madonna in the film Desperately Seeking Susan. He then starred in Pulp Fiction and worked alongside Bruce Willis on FBI: Witness Protection in 2000. Stop. He then made another myriad of films unknown to most. While not the classic ethereal beauty, she has the charm of the femme fatale.

7) Noomi Rapace

Famous on the big screen for having interpreted the protagonist of the film, based on the novel of the same name, Men who hate women, of 2009. In 2011 instead, she took part in the cast of Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows and in 2012 again, the famous Prometheus. Did you know he is of Swedish origin? It will be her “tough” traits that have made her an icon.

8) Anne Hathaway

Doe’s eyes and a smile won over the general public but were also heavily criticized. In fact, many have defined it as “disproportionate”. Certainly, as an actress she is achieving great successes, after playing the super assistant of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, her career has been a constellation of positive results.

9) Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice has class and style to spare! Over the years, however, some haters have judged her to be “too thin, too much”. In 2012, an important British site placed her in first place in the ranking of the least funny celebrities in the world. But will it be the truth or just a mask that the entrepreneur uses?

10) Vanessa Paradis

She is one of the most loved French actresses ever and has been Johnny Depp’s girlfriend for years. She also attracted the attention of Karl Lagerfeld who chose her as a testimonial for Chanel. Part of her charm is certainly the space between the two incisors, which has always characterized her smile. There are those who consider it ugly.

11) Madonna

It has been an icon for generations, but icons also suffer the effects of time! Her beauty has never convinced everyone, but it must also be said that there are women over 50 who would pay to have her lean and toned body!

12) Renee Zellweger

How many laughs did he make us do as the very nice and careless Bridget Jones! Renee Zellweger fascinated everyone with her soap and water beauty but, recently, she has been the victim of numerous criticisms due to the obvious retouching to her face.

13) Barbra Streisand

A breathtaking voice, but compared to the fellow artists it certainly cannot be considered an icon of beauty. But that long and crooked nose led her to success, becoming the “most beautiful ugly woman in Hollywood”. In fact, in 2002 she declared she was proud to be the only woman in Hollywood who didn’t have a nose job.

14) Federica Pellegrini

It is not famous for its beauty but for its speed in swimming. Despite this, Federica Pellegrini has repeatedly been a testimonial for numerous products and fashion brands. She will not have the shoulders of a model but she is the strongest of all!

15) Sarah Jessica Parker

Having become famous thanks to the TV series Sex and the city, Sarah Jessica Parker does not have the classic angel face of some of her colleagues. Pony face, crooked nose, and small eyes distinguish the face of the famous Carrie … But for this very reason, you don’t love her even more?

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